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 Marmara Metal Mamulleri Tic. A.Ş. | Iron, Steel & Aluminum – The Industry needs us, we need you!!!


Founded in 1994 Marmara Metal supplies raw materials, chemical additive materials to foundry and iron & steel industry in Turkey, United States and Countries in Europe, Middle east and Eastern Europe. By making customer focused business its main principle and with its 100 staff, 10 engineers, more than 300 product types and raw material stocks Marmara Metal's head office is in Tuzla, Istanbul and the company also has sales offices and stock areas in Konya, İzmir, Bursa and Ankara. The company supplies raw materials from its own quarrys with its mining areas for chrome, manganese, nickel, copper, iron and zinc. The company has been in service of its customers in marble field with its subsidiary named "Martaş" with its own travertine areas which has started production in april 2007.

Being one of the leading companies in its sector, with the support of its experiences in foundry industry the company is in service of its customers with production of three colors travertine in its own quarry in Soğukçermik of Sivas. The company has targets of increasing product types and making new deevelopments and thus offering new products to the customers.

Sales are done in blocks and Martaş Company has target to establish its plant and thus processing raw materials obtained from its quarry. So the company will lead in order to be a brand and the company is eager to put its signature in travertine and natural stone industry.

Martaş has its mining area with 1.200.000 cbm appeared reserve, 1.000.000 cbm total possible reserve at the result of geological investigation. The company produces three color block production for light, medium and noche for 1.000-1.500 cbm with qualified personnel and current technology.

The company will broaden its line of production in order to serve customers with qualified and suitable service and will broaden its measurement of quality and will pass to higher position.

Besides its facilities for Travertine Mining and production, MARTAŞ is making new attempts for "Manganese Ore", "Chrome Ore", and "Nickel Ore" Mining. By having its own "Mining Licensed" areas in Turkey, and having special projects with international specialized companies in Mining Industry and out of its own resources; MARTAS is aiming to become one of the leading Mining Companies in the global perspective. In this respect all the upcoming developments will be shared by our followers regarding the growth rate of our activities.

Wish to create natural locations together.


We Marmara Metal familiy; by keeping social responsibilities at the forefront effecting requirements of our quality systems, by developing itself continuously, increasing our productivity and competitiveness by working at the lowest supply costs our mission is to make our company as "preferable" at the customers side.


Offering best products to meet our customers demand. To be preferable company among the companies producing high quality and capacity travetine to gain customer satisfaction by increasing product types.

Additionally, by making new investments and researches, to keep its performance in "Manganese Ore", "Chrome Ore" and "Nickel Ore" mining activities at a continuous and developing level.  


To meet travertine demand in marble field and developing in this industry continuously. Nevertheless to enhance its capabilities and production power for the mining of "Manganese Ore", "Chrome Ore" and "Nickel Ore".