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 Marmara Metal Mamulleri Tic. A.Ş. | Iron, Steel & Aluminum – The Industry needs us, we need you!!!
For our valuable customers and business partners, to give a better service in our export sales activities, we are kindly requiring your suggestions.
In our below form, please fill out the required parts referring your comments, by this way we would like to improve our quality policy and service understanding referring your requirements.
Please kindly note that all the information supplied will be kept confidentialy by us, and will not be shared by any other 3rd parties and institutions.
We kindly appreciate your precious suggestions and sharing these with our company.
Company's Name Required
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Position in the Company:
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1. Are you happy and satisfied in working with Marmara Metal?
2. Can you suggest to other companies to let them work with Marmara Metal?
3. Can you easily reach to the person in charge when you contacted Marmara Metal via email, telephone etc.?
4. Are you satisfied with the service of Marmara Metal's Sales Representatives in understanding your requirements and/or advices and evaluating them correctly?
5. Are you satisfied with the responding speed of the Marmara Metal's Sales Representatives?
6. Do you find Marmara Metal's Sales & Marketing Representatives technical information capacities sufficient and satisfactory for your requirements?
7. Do you find the transportation services of Marmara Metal satisfactory and are the qualifications of the transportation companies' agents' services fair enough?
8. In general are you contended with the product qualities of Marmara Metal?
9. For the materials supplied by Marmara Metal, principally are you pleased with their standards and their conformities in accordance with the regulations?
10. Do you find Marmara Metal's Product range adequate?
11. Are you satisfied with the pricing policy of Marmara Metal and suggested payment methods?
12. Do you recieve your ordered products correctly in which Marmara Metal supplied?
13. Are you recieving Marmara Metal's supplied quantities of your ordered products always on time?
14. Are you satisfied with Marmara Metal's approaches in case of your remittance requirements?

15. Which products you are using in your company's production process and for your stock keeping?

16. Which of the products you are procuring from Marmara Metal?

17. Which of the products you are mostly aware in Marmara Metal's product range?

18. Regarding your commentscan you suggest us which of the non-existing products must be added into Marmara Metal's product range?

19. When you checked our existing web site, what kind of additional information must be inserted referring your suggestions to satisfy your needs?

20. During the meetings in our company or in exhibitions/conferences, are you pleased with the support of Marmara Metal's staff?

21.Please can you briefly write your comments and suggestions (if any) about Marmara Metal?
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