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PRODUCTS / Thermal Analysis Systems for Molten Iron
Thermal Analysis Systems for Molten Iron

Thermal Analysis System for Molten Iron


The thermal analysis is a quick, reliable, & low cost application method enabling quality & melting process control of cast iron. From iron/carbon state diagram the thermal analysis gives direct information about solidification of cast iron. It allows analysis of carbon equivalent (%CE), Carbon (%C), Silicon (%Si) in iron melts like Grey cast iron, Ductile iron and Malleable iron.

Principal of Operation: Thermal Analysis is the interpretation of cooling curve of liquid iron sample. First arrest point, the liquidus is a temperature level is directly related to Carbon Equivalent. CE = %C + %Si/3 + %P/3.

Second arrest point, the solidus temperature, when referred with liquidus, allows the total carbon content prediction. For this; metal must solidify white which is achieved by Tellurium This specially designed Tellurium & other ingredient minimises the influence of entrapped particles, gases and particularly additions used in cupola produced iron. Our carbon cups are tellurium coated sensors with "k" type thermocouple can be used for Carbon Equivalent, % Carbon, % silicon in grey, malleable & base metal of ductile iron. Carbon cups are available to cover entire range of thermal analysis i.e. % Carbon + % Silicon/9 = 4.3.

Traditional thermal analysis uses tellurium-coated cups. Carbon precipitates as Fe3C. Easy to detect temperature arrests and to calculate CE,% C and %Si.

Grey Cups are non-tellurium test cups, specially designed to get information how carbon is precipitated into graphite. We get cooling curve of grey sample, when carbon is allowed to solidify as graphite. By using this cooling curve we can Prediction of Tensile strength, Brinell Hardness & type of microstructure of unalloyed cast iron, Measurement of Eutectic Cell Count & Inoculation Deciding Factor for cast iron, Prediction of %Nodularity, Nodule Count, Shrinkage Index.

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